His desire to help others achieve success and feel a sense of belonging on their campus began in his high school career and has continued to grow and expand to thousands of students all across the nation. He is such an inspirational speaker, filled with passion; he can truly make the difference!
— Sandra Kurland: CASL Executive Director
I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU again for your keynote at our FBLA Leadership Development Institute in Irvine. Your message was right on par with what we were looking for and I was thrilled to see the connections you made with the students. It’s been a while since I’ve seen our students (and advisers!) so excited about a speaker, so thank you again for bringing that energy back and setting the stage for an excellent conference.
— Lona Kwan: FBLA Southern Section Conference Director
You are the light and the world and SO MANY of the kiddos were raving about you yesterday as we were cleaning up. i’m privledged to know you, friend.
— Abra M: CADA Area B Council
Hey Brodie! On behalf of the SMUHSD UASB Team, thank you so much for being a part of this conference! We cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done. We are confident that the kids took in all you said, and added it to their daily routines. You are not only a great role model to those kids, but also to every member of the UASB Team. We need more people like you in this world! You were a significant part of the conference! You’re personality, charisma, charm, and your outstanding outlook in life is something we will never forget. It is amazing to see what you do, and you sharing it with the rest of the world will make a big difference. As I am sure you’ve heard before, you were amazing at the conference. You made everyone laugh, smile, and even cry. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of our conference. We hope to see you again soon!
— Jolly M: San Mateo UASB
Hey brodie (: I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me SOO Much! Not to mention you have really AWESOME dance moves :) Out of all the Speakers I have heard, you are my favorite (: I wanna say thank you for giving me a day I will NEVER forget and words that you said will stick by me threw the rest of my life!
— Abby D: student
Hi Brodie, your speech today was AMAZING! I really felt inspired to do something to make my community and school better. Also, you kind of brought me out of my comfort zone but in a good way. I don’t like to dance and neither do i like to talk to people i don’t know but you helped me meet new people and actually not care what others think. I didn’t care if i had no rhythm. It was fun just “walking in style.” Thanks again!
— Maddie S: student
His speech was very interesting. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try taking initiative from now on and step out of my comfort zone!!! Oh, and the dancing was great :] I remember seeing the pencil sharpener on dancing with the stars. Continue inspiring us!! Thank you!
— Lauren L: student
Brodie was amazing and hilarious! I’m gonna start taking the initiative and telling others to not be afraid of new things, it’s better to just try because you might now know what will happen next! ( I did the pencil sharpener with ya, it’s gonna be big)
— Dex: student
Brodie was the most PHENOMENAL speaker today. No one has gotten me to dance so enthusiastically than you in my life. Thank you for encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone :]
— Vicky T: School Board and PTSA Representative
Previous leadership retreats were fun and brought student’s crazy side out, but didn’t exactly unify the different personalities that each leadership student had. When Brodie Kaster came to Madera South, he instantly created a connection with students ranging from outgoing to shy. His work ethic surpassed our expectations. He set a standard to reach out to our student body of over 2,800 students by helping leadership and ASB create a mission and vision statement. The different activities that Brodie performed with ASB enhanced their leadership skills and created a chain reaction with the other leadership students. The leadership techniques that were taught had the power to affect our student body even on the first day of school. Brodie showed us how to create diverse activities that we can take and use throughout our whole school year. His intense workshops and speeches gave us a whole new perception on school activities. The passion that Brodie has to make a difference as an individual has truly inspired us.
— Evette T: student
His energy and enthusiasm is contagious! Brodie keeps his audience engaged the entire time and leaves them reflecting on his message.
— Susan Moerder: UCSD Leadership Institute Director
His workshop was the best workshop I’ve been to in my 2 years of CASL. The salsa dancing was genius! I also think he was hilarious, it was one of my favorite 30 minutes of the whole conference.
— Delaney G: student
His two presentations on bullying and school spirit was very age appropriate, humorous and thought provoking. It was a wonderful adventure with words.
— Jose D: advisor
ASB Retreat at Sierra was so great! Thanks to Brodie Kaster, speaker extraordinnaire for teaching, leading, and sharing his love with Sierra! He did a GREAT job!!
— Allison G: advisor