Our Keynotes

- Get Your Grit On

Brodie is a professionally trained dancer in Ballroom, Ballet, Modern, and Jazz Dance.  In an incredible, awe-inspiring feat, he links his passion for dance into a motivational message.  In this 45- 55 minute message, Brodie covers embracing adversity, having the grit to catch your dreams, and making an impact.  Not only does he captivate the audience with his quick-witted, incredible stories, but he uses dance to bring the message to life, leaving the audience fascinated, inspired, and motivated. 

Our workshops

Dancing with the Students

The hit show Dancing With The Stars has swept the nation with Ballroom fever, so why not get YOUR students involved in classic, fun dancing. Kaster Productions offers a unique program Dancing With The Students for you and your company, organization, or school combining Ballroom dance with mainstream music. Students have the opportunity to learn ballroom dance moves while gaining essential leadership skills.  This program is perfect for a small or large-scale group.  

Workshop covers:
- Courage
- Initiative
- Respect

- Opportunity: One Word, Endless Possibilities

The age old adage: "Opportunities are taken; not received," leaves us falling short.  Everyone faces their own type of adversity.  Even though we come from different backgrounds with different types of adversity to overcome, we are all open to similar opportunities.  But how do we take these opportunities? Through unique activities we'll discover that despite the situation, we are all open to great opportunities. 

Workshop covers:
- Diversity
- Bullying/Adversity
- Vision

- Loving What You Do and Preventing Burnout

There will be a day where we wake up and think 'I don't want to'.  No matter how much we start out loving what we do, how do we sustain our passion.  Passion is not always a raging fire, rather burning embers.  Learn skills to keep those embers burning no matter what difficulties we may face. 

Workshop covers:
- Burnout
- Passion
- Love